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A-Z Archives- Letter N

One word came to mind with this letter, N, and it is something that rules our lives from the moment we open our eyes after birth, before even. 

 They start to count; the world starts to count.  You are now one minute old!!! 

Numbers rule our lives, in every shape, form, at any time (see, even that’s a number)!!

You have a mobile- what’s your number??

I count every hour I sleep; worry cause I only have 79 done of my 365 day challenge, when I should have 93 done!! 


The Remote, which one?



You're cooking - How Long?


You're buying - How Much??



Where, which number?



Dial your number!

How Old!!!!!!


To measure - How long?


The music - how loud!


Notes are numerical


Plan your life - Numbers

Where would be be today without numerals to guide us!

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14 thoughts on “A-Z Archives – Letter N

  1. great collection, congrats!

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  3. here’s my version (I’ve set a pingback to you there):

    • liz2you

      Thanks, I have used it for ‘O’ and it works!
      But I might wait till next week, ahhhhhh

  4. thirdhandart

    Great entry for N! Numbers really do rule our lives.

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